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Airtel Nigeria has announced a partnership with an Educational Technology company, to subsidize data usage on internet.


To lessen the burden parents bear on providing data for their families who effects of COVID-19 have subjected to learning online, telecom operator, Airtel Nigeria has announced a partnership with an Educational Technology company, Dynamiss to subsidize data and mobile Internet.

The partners said the collaboration will ensure that Data access for educational purposes on any of the platforms provided by Dynamiss will now be subsidized and made more affordable for schools and young Nigerians.

According to the terms of the partnership, customers of Airtel Nigeria who access the Dynamiss platforms will enjoy up to 50 percent discount on data/mobile Internet charges. This discount also applies to schools, students and even parents on the Airtel network who use any of the educational platforms provided by Dynamiss.

COO of Dynamiss, Valerie Sodeinde, said the discounted data from Airtel is a key game changer for the adoption of Online/Digital education by most schools in Nigeria.

“What Airtel is demonstrating with this particular initiative is a commitment to support education despite the unrelenting threat posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As many more schools have now developed an appreciation for an online educational system, parents, teachers and schools will most certainly benefit from this very affordable data plan. This decisive initiative by Airtel is a positive  response  that will be welcome by educators and students alike.”


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