Two police men arrested for allegedly harassing a 25-year-old woman sexually in a video that went viral

The Nigeria Police Force says it has arrested two policemen and a civilian for allegedly harassing a 25-year-old woman sexually in a video that went viral on Wednesday.

The arrested policemen were identified as ASP Tijani Olatunji and Inspector Gboyega Oyeniyi.

The police said in a series of tweets that the policemen who are originally attached to the Area A Police Command in Lagos, travelled to Ibadan for a legal operation when the incident occurred.

According to the Force, two of the officers were being detained at the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, while two others had yet to be arrested.

The tweets read, “Following investigations into the dehumanising treatment of a female citizen as shown in a viral video on Wednesday, 22nd July 2020, the Nigeria Police Force has identified three police officers.

“The Inspector-General of Police has ordered discreet investigations into the circumstances surrounding the dehumanising treatment meted out to the female citizen in the viral video.

“One civilian accomplice who participated in the unprofessional act; two suspects, ASP Tijani Olatunji and Inspector Gboyega Oyeniyi have been arrested for their role in the discreditable conduct and incivility to a member of the public.”

The police said all those found culpable would face discipline.

In the undated amateur video which is about six minutes long, a policeman who identified himself as ‘Wyclef’ along with his colleagues, interrogate a young lady named Towobola.

Towobola was arrested in Ibadan when policemen raided a building where a suspected kidnapper was living.

The policemen, after taking the kidnap suspect away, faced Towobola, handcuffed her and accused her of sleeping with the alleged kidnapper.

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Wyclef is seen mocking Towobola and telling her that young ladies are fond of dating men with questionable wealth which often lands them in trouble

He mockingly states that if he were to woo Towobola, she would not give in to his advances but would rather have sex with criminals.

The policeman subsequently asks her if she is a virgin and how many men she has slept with.

He repeatedly threatens to beat up the visibly scared lady if she fails to respond to his questions.

“You just met this guy recently right? Why did you stop seeing the guy you were sleeping with before? You saw a thief and followed him,” Wyclef says

Towobola begs the policeman intermittently, insisting that she never knew the suspect was a criminal.

She claims to have just recently completed her National Youth Service Corps programme.

“Where is the guy that deflowered you? He doesn’t have money right?” Wyclef mockingly asks the lady.

“If the criminal didn’t have a car or money, would you have agreed to date him? Is it not because of money you’re dating him? Why did you sleep in his house? If I find out that you have slept with him before, what should I do to you?” the policeman asks.

Towobola, who claims to be a graduate of the University of Ibadan, insists that she has not had sex with the suspect and profusely pleads with the policemen not to video record her but her pleas attract laughter from the unmoved policemen.

In the concluding part of the video, Wyclef faces the camera and boasts that he “catches suspects like fowls”.

The video elicited criticisms from a large section of Nigerians on social media.



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