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Fire outbreak in Adeniji Adele Market, Lagos


There was a fire outbreak at Adeniji Adele Market in Lagos Island on Sunday. The fire was reported to have started at midnight, between the hours of 12am to 2am. The fire was as a result of electrical malfunction which caused a fire outbreak and caused a lot of damage. The fire was reported have damaged 14 shops and 16 kiosks.

Those who were living around the location called the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) around 3:13am to come to their rescue. The rescue team arrived to the scene 10 minutes after the call.

The fire was said to have been restricted from damaging further properties accept from the 14 shops and 16 kiosks that were originally affected already.

LASEMA said  “The fire was restricted within affected areas and stopped from spreading further. 14 shops and 16 kiosks were affected.

“Properties and goods were salvaged by emergency responders including Federal and Lagos State Fire Services, Nigeria Police and LASEMA Response Team”.


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