How to stop a lagging laptop or system.

What's up guys, it's Richentblog. Today I will teach you how to stop your laptop or computer from being slow and getting it to work faster. I know how it feels to use a system that lags or runs slow most especially when you want to get things done, this can be real frustrating but not to worry Richentblog got you covered. without further ado lets jump right into it and fix your computer lagging problems. There are tons of reasons why your computer or laptop can be slow but in this article, i will be talking about the most common reasons why your computer might be getting slow.
 Below are some of the reasons:

1) RAM:

This is one of the most common reasons why you can be having a slow or a lagging system. If you don't know what a computer ram looks like, you can look it up on the internet.
The higher your ram the faster your laptop tends to work fast.  Depending on your laptop architecture, you can fix an amount of ram to make it work faster.
For the 32-bit operating systems computer you can have 4gig of ram installed on it. Some 32-bit can only take 2gig of ram at most. If you have this amount of rams installed in this architecture, it should do.
Another type of operating system is the 64-bit operating system. Well this can take more than 4gig ram and even more 8gig and so on. Most computers have two ram slots so you can purchase 2gig of ram for each slot for the 32-bit operating systems and 4gig of ram on each of the ram slot. After you have done this already start your system to see if there are any changes, if not move to the the second step.


This can be another reason why your system is working real slow. A lot of people do not pay attention to this side of the computer but then it has a lot of effect on your computer.
Just imagine  you are carrying  lots of load on you and moving from one place to another, you tend to get tired and eventually carry out other task sluggishly well that's how it is in the case of your computer or laptops. So all you need is to purchase a higher holding capacity of hard disk or you delete heavy files that you are not using anymore. After you have done this already start your system to see if there are any changes, if not move to the the third step.


This is another reason why your system might be working slow. You have many programs starting up when you first turn on your computer which will cause your computer to slow down when starting up. This is because it uses all it resources to start and load many unnecessary background programs and this is one of the biggest reasons why your computer struggles to startup. Now you can fix that by going to task manager to fix this problem by pressing "Ctrl+Shft+Esc" which will take you to the startup. I strongly advice you to be careful with what you disable so as not to cause further issues especially things that has "windows" to its name. You are only advised to delete things that you are sure of. You can also go to the program and disable it directly from the source.


The last here on my list is virus on the computer system. I can say that this can be a very big reason why your system is lagging and giving you headache.When virus gets into your computer they tend to alter a lot of things and invite lots of bad programs that can damage your computer system. You can get a good antivirus of your choice to scan your computer and keep it protected from all form of virus that may or want to attack your computer system or you can just format your system to be very sure your computer is free from all kinds of computer virus. With this steps, your computer should be working fast.

Hope this article was helpful and if you are still encountering some issue with your system, you can leave a comment in the section below thanks.